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  • writing: tech writing Blackbaud sample

    BlackBaud NetCommunity Manual

    As part of their effort to diversify revenue income, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network launched online fundraising for their Summer Event Season.

    Using the BlackBaud NetCommunity software, this business model was launched by the marketing department, tested, and then turned over to their TeamHOPE division for day to day management in the fall.

    To accomplish this, a technical manual was written to detail the setup process for TeamHOPE Managers to be able to launch events on their own.

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    role: tech writer, copy editor, designer, production

  • blog entries
  • writing: 4Today.com blog entry sample


    First in a series of blog entries designed to market this exclusive nutraceutical line to the average mass market consumer.

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    role: writer, copyeditor

  • full article
  • writing: Deadwood article sample

    Deadwood: How much does HBO pay its whores, anyway?

    Article written to document three days as a "Gem Girl" on the set of Deadwood as they filmed the premiere episode.

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    role: writer, copyeditor

  • short story
  • writing: short story sample

    The Other Girls Wore Wings

    Short story based on the characters created in the novel The Wildlings. Novel is registered with the Writers' Guild of America, West, registry #1216882.

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    role: writer, illustrator

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