• Pilgrim School
  • Case Studies: Pilgrim School

    Pilgrim Summer School Registration

    As part of their effort to increase registration & streamline costs for their annual summer school program, Pilgrim School came to Instigator Ink looking for alternatives to their present online registration software.

    Rather than creating a custom site as originally requested by the client, we researched & brokered a relationship with ASAP software, a turnkey registration module specifically geared to summer schools & camp programs. ASAP was able to offer 24-hour tech support, minimal downtime, & online training which allowed Pilgrim's teachers to become able to administer their own programs.

    Registration increase: 10% the first year.
    Operational savings: $4k first year, $18k projected over the next three years

  • MAC Rowing
  • Case Studies: MAC Junior Rowing

    MAC Junior Rowing

    After 13 years, Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing wanted to refresh their image & improve recruitment for their summer Learn to Row Camps. The aim was to draw in not only a larger number of participants, but also target a higher quality of athlete.

    Instigator Ink created a new website for the team which updated their brand while still celebrating the team's history. We also revamped their print collateral to put an emphasis on the individual athletes rather than the sport of rowing as a genre.

    Registration increase: 30% in the first year.
    First year of novice recruits: Southwest Regionals: 2nd place, Novice Womens' 8+
    Following two years: 2 National Championships: Womens' 4+, Lightweight Mens' 8+

  • PANCAN: BlackBaud NetCommunity
  • Case Studies: BlackBaud NetCommunity

    BlackBaud NetCommunity

    As part of their effort to diversify revenue income, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network launched online fundraising for their Summer Event Season.

    IUsing the BlackBaud NetCommunity software, this business model was launched by the marketing department, tested, and then turned over to their TeamHOPE division for day to day management.

    Responsibilities included project management & support of 13 events, as well as creation of a technical manual detailing the setup process for TeamHOPE Managers to be able to launch events on their own.

    Online fundraising yield: approximately $255,000 in first four months of use.
    First year use: Online income averaged 30% of each event's gross profit.

  • SoftGel®
  • Case Studies: SGTI site


    SoftGel Technologies, Inc. wanted to update their site to showcase the diversity of services offered by a burgeoning nutraceutical company.

    SGTI's new site was built around the theme of "more", with content was geared towards an educational theme.
    • Fifteen of their forty proprietary products were profiled for maximum exposure.
    • Every clinical study and article sponsored by the company in the last three years was archived online.
    • Each section of the company was made available for review, including an interactive plant tour.
    • Addition of forms for contacting the sales team, ordering catalogs, and making trade show appointments.

    Traffic increase: SGTI had a 11% increase in site traffic within the first month.

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